My necklaces are created with food-grade silicone and unfinished wooden beads. I crochet cotton covers for some of the wooden beads, and string the necklaces on strong nylon cord. They are finished with safety breakaway clasps. They are designed to be worn by mothers and other adults while caring for children, giving them something safe to grab and chew on instead of your hair or glasses and giving moms and caregivers the opportunity to wear nice jewelry while caring for young children.

Please note: These necklaces are NOT designed to be worn by babies or left alone with them – while they are designed to be safe while around an adult’s neck, they are not designed as a toy and could pose a safety risk if a child is left unattended with one. Please check your necklace regularly for any defects to ensure safety. Exposed wooden beads may be treated with coconut or olive oil to prevent cracking.


These lanyards are designed to be attractive and functional alternatives for people who wear lanyards regularly for work and other purposes.

Lanyards are not designed for handling or chewing on by children.